Update: View NetGear’s Lunch 2.0 photos here …including some that I took as well!

I like going to Lunch 2.0’s. Everytime its a new experience and I’ve really become comfortable with meeting new people. Its starting to come more naturally now, which is GREAT! I even brought along Michael Sykora, one of my highschool friends, a recent grad at SJSU, so he can join the fun!

So the food was good, and the aprons were even cooler! Although, I liked the live demonstration, I was too busy taking pictures of everyone’s reactions.

I had some good conversations as well, which is important. Lots of them were around social media, while some were on other things like chocolate since Brian Stephens is the chocolate blogger! In fact, all the chocolate talk got Lisa and Michael both craving some dessert! Even Jeremy Pepper provided his two cents and told us that dark chocolate is a girl’s thing (although, Lisa likes milk-chocolate the most). Either way, Jeremy is a very energetic and entertaining guy…check out his pics! I also met Robyn Tippins for the first time, that was a surprise. I’ve only talked with her through blogging, but seeing her in person was great.

Ah, I cannot forget about bubilicious team who I even got a chance to talk with. Take a look at the video below, I’m on around the 5:15 minute mark and lead to just about the end…please visit here.

What a fun day! Im looking forward to the next lunch 2.0 event in June! And I hope to see you there as well!

…oh! pictures to come soon, I just misplaced my camera…ill find it!