UPDATE: Can Facebook win the battle over MySpace?

UPDATE:  Check out my newest post “A Look Back” that was written in 2011 on the battle between MySpace and Facebook.

Facebook seems to be a hot topic everywhere I look. Right now, Im sitting at my old school library, and it’s amazing how many people are on facebook when you look around. This is just an observation, but its a trend that I’m seeing more and more! But is it a fad? Will it just fade away…Im guessing that Facebook is here to stay.

Yet, its main competition, MySpace, could prevent Facebook from being the leader! Now, Im not too concerned about number of users or even how much money they bring in compared to MySpace, but instead, what value they add. Are they serving a greater purpose than MySpace? Let’s try to bottle down the key features of both facebook and myspace to see:

Provides a legitimate social networking platform

  • MySpace: Yes, but who is part of the network? Probably, friends you met at a party, someone who is in your class, someone you think is cute, or spam.
  • Facebook: Yes, and although the network could be any of the above, it also includes colleagues and business professionals. That’s the difference! The network on Facebook is a lot more professional and older. Obviously, MySpace has its own niche, but will this survive the rapid popularity of Facebook?

Provides an opportunity to show one’s personality

  • MySpace: Yes, all power is in the hands of the creator. This is something MySpace has mastered! And the younger generation loves it! But, does it get old? Well, I know my sister loves MySpace and so do my parents, but what about my generation? Where do we go? FACEBOOK…but can facebook keep my generation for long?
  • Facebook: No, theres not much room for creativity. Of course this is the intention, but is it the right strategy? I know its great for my generation, but will it withstand the generation swings? Can Facebook keep people like me interested?

Web 2.0?

  • MySpace: Although, I’d say that MySpace has some good web 2.0 widgets, its just not up to par. Then again, this might not be their strategy. But, this could put them significantly behind competition if they dont keep up because their users are evolving…and they need to be aware of this.
  • Facebook: Absolutely! I like the whole idea about the Feeds (although some think its a bit invasive). Plus now you can import flickr photos directly to facebook!

Here to stay?

  • MySpace: Yes, but for who? I feel like MySpace is very niche, either you like it or you dont! Can this keep them the top social networking site? Im not too sure
  • Facebook: Face it, we are all on it or at least talking about it. Even the Community Evangelist at LinkedIn, Mario Sundar, has a facebook account. AND even Jeremiah, who asked the question if he really needs it since he already has LinkedIn and his blog, signed up and is adding friends.

What does everyone else think?

  • I think both of these websites are coming to a point where their size is inhibiting them from being too much more exciting to our generation. I think Facebook definitely has more time on their hands to wow the crowd, especially with their recent upgrades by adding features like network stats, and the ever growing API projects being put out there as you mentioned, but myspace is looking like its on its way down a creepy path, filled with spammers, and pure distrust in the community base it once had… i find myself checking myspace every other day, when i used to have it open on my desktop the whole time! while my facebook tool bar is there, right on my firefox browser, amply used, and i also check the feeds on my blackberry when i just want to know whats going on with my friends…
    So, to me, facebook is running strong, and myspace is getting to chunky to keep up.

  • Hi Kara,

    You’ve made some good points, especially about trust. This is something that social media relies heavily on because its about building relationships and communities, which both need trust. Without trust, there’s nothing.

    Wow, you can check the facebook feeds from your mobile device! Thats great! Thanks for your comments Kara.


  • So I like Facebook better – are you saying I’m old? 🙂 ok, I’m double your age, but… I agree that MySpace just really is looking like a mess. I have a bunch of friends using Facebook & it’s been fun to join them there.

  • Hi Connie,

    Of course you are not old! Actually, I use Facebook a lot and same goes for serveral of my colleagues, new grads, and several other people of my generation. So, you’re actually quite young and “hip” for using Facebook!

    Thanks for your comments. And to respond to your other comment: http://ebizz.wordpress.com/2006/09/06/facebook-is-using-feeds-now/

    Facebook will soon allow RSS feeds to your blog. It’s coming soon, I can feel it.


  • I personally prefer Facebook to MySpace. In fact, the only reason I really have a MySpace account is because I wanted to look at some pictures on a friend’s account, and was unable to do so without registering an account.

    While MySpace is potentially more flexible, and can be personalized, I don’t need that. Nor do I need the blogging feature. I have a “real” blog where I can be creative in the design and post my daily thoughts and articles.

    Something about Facebook that I really like is that most people setup accounts under their real name, rather than using a screen name. This makes it much easier to connect with old friends and colleagues, since you can search for them by name, rather than trying to guess what pseudonym they might be using. Combine that with the recent ability to search Facebook for contact in your email address book makes Facebook a much more effective network (at least for me).

  • Facebook Feed is how I connect to many of my hundreds of my ‘friends’ who I would not email or call regularly.

    Read my description of Facebook and social trends in the under-30 set.

  • Dear Mr. Salazar, I have been reading a few of your posts. They are exceptional. I was considering using MySpace. Since, your statistics show that my age group (your parents, also) are becoming more and more interested in becoming involved…., I might think about it a little more seriously.

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  • Scott


    Thanks for the observations. I concur with many of the comments, especially the ones about Facebook as I personally prefer that to MySpace. I guess I’m ‘old’, like Connie 😉

    Kara C. mentioned that she can get feeds directly to her Blackberry which is very cool. However, you don’t have to have a high end PDA or Smartphone to be able to access your MySpace, FaceBook (or Twitter for that matter) accounts.

    As a matter of fact, just about anyone with a cell phone can access their accounts from anywhere in the world that has a wireless/mobile connection. There is no longer the need to be “tethered” to a computer in order to access your accounts.

    Here’s how:

    1) Open your cell/mobile phone Internet browser (WAP 1.0 or higher)

    2) Enter the cell phone dial pad number ‘equivalent’ of the site you want to access: These numbers can “spell” the equivalent of the respective sites below:

    For MySpace, enter 6977223.com

    For FaceBook, enter 32232665.com

    For Twitter, enter 8948837.com

    Press ‘send’, ‘enter’, ‘call’, etc. and you will go directly to the site of your choice… ON MOBILE!

    It really shouldn’t matter what device you are using; shouldn’t matter who your wireless carrier is; shouldn’t matter where in the world you access the sites from and it shouldn’t matter what your language of origin is… the numbers are the same all around the world.

    A few notes. Not every site has yet been configured to be ‘mobile friendly’ so some of the features, graphics etc. may look a bit cludgy and take a bit of time to load.

    Give it a try!


  • Carolfoasia

    I love Facebook. It is clean and simple. I have only been on MySpace a couple of times because it is too “busy.”

    Just my .02.

  • Staci

    thanks for educating a clueless stay-at-home mom! now i feel a bit more in the loop!

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  • myspace is WAY better for teens in my opinion it has better features and gives you broader way to express your self

  • Cheyenne,

    I think that Facebook is much better then Myspace in many ways..

    Myspace is usually rap and pictures of yourself, while facebook is still pictures of yourself but also meeting your friends that you went to highschool with,

    Even though I am in highschool, when we dressed up for halloween there were ATLEAST ten ppl dressing up as facebook people.. and I didnt see any ppl to do with myspace!

    Well Myspace is usually nicknames or numbers, while Facebook is usually your real name so people can find you or you can find them.

    So overall I think that Facebook is much bigger and better right now, and there is probably soon going to be newer sites that people like.


  • I think they both have value. For me I see facebook as a professional tool for collaboration. It can be more specific and private. myspace provides a more public expression.

    In the case of a band myspace allows you to promote your music/videos to the general internet populous with out requiring the viewer to log in or even have an account.
    But on facebook i use to connect with other musician and producers in selective privacy.

    My two bits!

  • It seems that now Facebook has won the battle over MySpace. I know a lot of users still prefer the flexibility of Facebook, but with the emerging Facebook apps, they’ve started to take control.

    I’m curious to see what will continue to happen in 2009.

  • i personaly like myspace over face book, because i may not be that old, actually im only 16 but myspace gives me a chance to express myself and find new music, so in y case i like myspace.

  • Sarah

    I think facebook is a great social networking site. But everything does have it’s pros and cons. With the great opportunities that it has, some users might, here say, make facebook a priority. I mean that people might overdo it and it might take over their social life.

  • Elantra

    I like facebook and all, but I honestly like MySpace better. With myspace, you can personalize your profile and basically do what ever you want. Facebook is too simple for me. I don’t like the fact that myspace isn’t really all that safe any more, but that’s why you have to be careful of what you post on the internet. I truly believe that facebook is more for older people, like in their 20’s and up. Facebook is meant for like…. people to catch up with old friends, or something like that. Me being a teenager, I would choose Myspace over Facebook. But I’m sure if I was older, I would probably more drawn to facebook.

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  • I don’t care, both are spam machines…

  • aface4radio

    Facebook all the way for me. I tried MySpace after they bought out IMEEM. I had invested money and a lot of time getting my music built up with IMEEM. And when MySpace told IMEEM members that they would be getting all of their music transfered over to MySpace, it would be just like it was at IMEEM.

    NOT EVEN!!!

    What I got was one fourth of the songs I had and, the songs that did get transfered over were LIVE versions, or songs performed by somebody else. What a joke!

    I quit my membership at myspace.

  • I’m getting the feeling that to sum it up (if you could), facebook is more for the older generations and Myspace is for the younger generations (and music bands). Is that about accurate? I own a business that definitely includes the younger gen. demographic. I’m wondering if I should begin getting more involved in Myspace.

    • Not exactly, I think people just evolved to Facebook as it was the next “best” thing. Yet, they’ve managed to keep growing and keep existing users. Although Facebook has attracted the older generations because its easy to use and everyone is on it…which means they can find old friends. It’s great for keeping in touch.

  • By the way, this reminds me of the Apple vs. Microsoft war. Um…is Myspace a publicly traded company?

    • Myspace is not…and neither is Facebook. Maybe one day?

  • rosa diana

    i think facebook and myspace are almost the same facebook is for you to connect with friends and myspace is for you to meet new people and interact with them. so facebook and myspace are the things for me:)

    • Hi Rosa, good observation, although it does work differently for everyone, I’m glad you’ve found your mix!

  • Comments are an important the main blogosphere. On more than one occasion, I’ve learned a substantial quantity of information on the comments section. When the comments are usually not productive, chances are they’ll needs to be moderated should the site owner so chooses.

    • Ah ha! I agree, community engagement makes blogs/wikis/forums go round and round. It keeps them functional! Awesome observation!

  • fiona

    i’m m0re prefer t0 facebook rather than myspace.
    facebook is more interesting and easy t0 get al0ng with friends,even with old friends.C0mpared to myspace,i d0nt kn0w how t0 make me interested in ms back.c0z my interest change after i have fb acc0unt.=)

    • Fiona, I agree. Facebook is my choice for communicating with friends offline. Although I have also been using twitter a lot as well (www.twitter.com/Chris_Salazar).

      Keep engaging!

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