Email is for old people…new generations need something else!

Disclaimer:  My good friend Michael Sykora sent me the link to this article.  Ironically, we are part of the younger generation, but he sent it through Yahoo Mail.  But, I’ll tell you why later…keep reading.

Yes, email is for old people!  Why though?  Not because its prehistoric (laugh), but rather times have changed.  The new (younger) generations revert to other forms of communication in place of the rather old email apps.  Some say the future of email can be found in MySpace and Facebook, while others say its text message, but truth is it will always be changing.  Today its text, tomorrow its MySpace, next month its Virtual IM.  It’s difficult to keep up…but it shouldn’t be.

Stop trying to catch up and instead figure out why things are changing so fast.  I admit, I use email just for work too, and revert to text messaging instead.  1000 text messages isn’t enough for me, I need unlimited texts.  Why though? It’s because things today are FAST paced, I can’t take the time to open up my computer and send an email asking “what are we doing tonight?”  A simple text is easier, faster, quicker, and more efficient.

MySpace and Facebook take time too, but everyone is on it!  Which means, I constantly get emails/messages from each and a reply is just a click away.  Plus they both have handy mobile alerts letting me know when someone has messaged me…does Yahoo?  Not sure, if they do, they haven’t done a good job marketing it.  Cell phones and social networking are key to today’s lifestyle, which brings me to my next point:  stop creating one-offs, instead create something that links everything together!

Here’s how you can keep up with us:

  • build something that aggregates everything into one (myspace, facebook, email, news, etc) – one giant feedreader
  • make it interactive and fun – engage us, we get bored easily
  • make it accessible from mobile devices – we’re using our phones already, why not join us
  • make it easy

Here’s what I only use email for:

  • Business related messages – hence why my friend sent me this article through yahoo and not on facebook/myspace
  • To talk with professional people who are not part of my “social” circle (people from work, ex bosses, family friends)
  • Older people who don’t get it  *wink*  *smile* (just those who dont have myspace/facebook or a texting plan)

I’m excited to be part of this time when things are changing so fast.  The way we receive information is different from how it was 20 years ago, and it will continue to change.  I love it!

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  • lawdepot

    I tend to agree, Christopher. I don’t use my email for much other than work, and for communicating with people who are not a part of my closest social network.

    For the rest, I tend to use either Facebook or text messages.

  • Yep. It’s interesting, but sooner or later, we will probably be having the same convo about text messaging or even Facebook. Everything moves so fast!

  • Michael Sykora

    I think youre missing one of the most important points about this article. You hinted at it with your last point, “Older people who don’t get it *wink* *smile* (just those who dont have myspace/facebook or a texting plan).”

    Its not so much that ‘older people dont get it’ but as soon as a teenager’s mother or father creates a “KOOLER” MySpace page than their kids, the teenager looks for the next thing that ‘old people’ havn’t touched yet. Sadly there is a ‘cool factor’ that is lost as soon as too many people use a serivce/ product / technology. I believe the biggest driver in making text messaging so popular to the younger generation is that ‘old people’ have yet to use it.

    The day Dad laughes at Junior’s joke, exclaims “L.O.L. Robert will love that one,” as he pulls out his T-Mobile SideKick…is the day text messaging will be for ‘old people.’

  • Vickie

    Yeah, it all sounds very interesting unless you happen to be one of the old farts you are talking about. (I’m 42) You just wait…you’ll be there sooner than you think (*smile*)