Good-bye Jeremiah

It looks like the news has broke out in the blogosphere that Jeremiah is moving on to PodTech.  Although we will miss him at Hitachi, I am proud of Jeremiah.  As a corporate web evangelist, he has definitely paved a way for the Community Marketing program at HDS.  Hopefully, things will continue to grow.

Jeremiah has been an inspiration for me since I started working at HDS as an intern in Summer 2005.  He took me under his wing and fed my mind with knowledge about HDS, my career, and being a professional in corporate america.  Two summers later, he provided me with an opportunity to join HDS full time when I graduate in December.

Now as a friend, I wish Jeremiah all the best.  Keep up the great attitude and never stop challenging yourself.  You’ve been an inspiration to many…

  • Chris, we’ve accomplished quite a bit as a team, I’m glad to have served with you. I see you as a rising star!