Lunch 2.0 ended with exclamation!

The Lunch 2.0 + Web Expo ended today at Hitachi Data Systems, but it was a success. I heard several people mention it was the biggest Lunch 2.0 yet! Robert Scoble even mentioned that he did not expect such a big turnout. Great thanks to Jeremiah Owyang and the HDS team for organizing the event.

This was my first big web event and I cannot wait for more opportunities. The opportunity to see several web companies, even some startups, was great. Listening to their ideas was interesting, especially seeing a preview of some new Zoomr tools from Thomas Hawk!

Here are some links to remember the event and/or experience it for yourself:

I took about a hundred pictures from the event so I can relive it each day as my FIRST web event. This is only the beginning, as tomorrow I will be blogging live from the Carson Summit Web Apps Conference.