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STwitter Hashtags Facebook Super Bowluper Bowl Spoiler Alert:  If you haven’t already seen the Super Bowl, the Ravens beat the Niners 34-31.  Aside from the big game, we learned a lot about the use of social media.  Besides text messaging, social media was the preferred way to talk about the game to peers; whether that be Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+.

What was the top social media tool used?  How did Twitter square up against Facebook?  What did ads/commercials use the most in their strategy?

Let’s take a look at the numbers to figure out how social media played a role in the Super Bowl and what we can learn about brand strategy.

  • 75% of brands integrated social, mobile, #hashtags or apps in their ads/commercials (Source:  Jeremiah Owyang-Altimeter)
  • Twitter mentioned in 50% of commercials, Facebook 8% and Google+ 0% (Source:  Marketing Land)
  • Beyonce vs the Blackout – Beyonce Google searches rose 7236%, while “the blackout” was the most searched item of the Super Bowl (Source:  Search Engine Land)
  • #Hashtags were used in 38% of ads/commercials (up 31% compared to 2012) (Source:  Jeremiah Owyang)

Aside from Corporate URLs to continue the conversation, #Hashtags were the most used social tool throughout the Super Bowl (while Facebook was only used 7%, a mere 4% DECREASE).  The Super Bowl is one of the most watched cable event of the year with advertisers paying ~$4M for a 30 second commercial spot–you bet brands did their research and used what they feel is the best social tool.  And…I agree. 

To continue the conversation or add input, #hashtags are easy to use and easy to follow.  To find out more information about a specific topic, most search #hashtags, NOT Facebook posts.  In fact, most don’t even use Facebook search (except to find people/groups).  Facebook Graph Search usage will vary from user to user, but I still don’t see it being used to find trending topics, but instead to find people and research data amongst friends.

Facebook needs to figure out either how to utilize #hashtags or help users continue/discover the conversation.  How else can I figure out “what’s trending” on Facebook?  Try using #hashtags on Facebook posts and nothing happens.  Most people use #hashtags to find new content (its the new-age “tag”) because its easy, convenient and accurate.  How will Facebook bounce back?  We should expect them to react fast…they need to soon or else they’ll see a decrease in usage next year.


Techmeme broke the news…and its definitely newsworthy and a MUST know!

Its awesome news for Fan Pages on Facebook of big brands like (Cola, Sony, Apple, etc) b/c all photos can now be linked to their respective Fan Pages.  See the image below, Coca Cola is tagged in a Facebook photo (photo taken from tech crunch, rights belong to them).

I see many ways that businesses can start using this to their advantage.  Almost anything and everything can be tagged now in any given photo.  Think about it…

Marketing and advertising is built on repetition and constantly pounding a particular brand into our brains.  Facebook is a social tool that some of use multiple times a day and what better way to get brands all up in Facebook wherever we look.  I see a lot of alliances being made and maybe brands should reward users who tag their brand X times.  Thats a real big incentive for us…otherwise, will I tag my Apple computer? Maybe, depends I guess.

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