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Perhaps Comcast is getting ready for the new skype video calling or maybe they’re just trying to push the bar that much more, but they’ve showcased their 1GB broadband speed and its going to drastically change the internet.

To demonstrate the rapid fast speeds, CEO of Comcast, Brian Roberts, downloaded 20+ episodes of 30 Rock in 1 minute!  That’s almost 20 hours of material in 1 minute!  Imagine downloading at these speeds?  WOW.  Again, these new changes by Comcast keep existing customers happy and offer incentives for potential customers to join Comcast.

Thinking ahead, Comcast is ready for 2020 when consumers will be ready for more in their living room and I’m sure other online streaming companies will be right behind them.  Netflix, Hulu and others are already taking market share away from Comcast, but Comcast is not worried.  Roberts says “as they increase their broadband speeds, profits actually increase.”  This is expected, consumers need to know that companies are looking out for their best interest and evolving to provide us with resources to keep up with technology.

Let’s hope this is a catalyst to enhanced cable viewing and internet experiences around the world.  We need internet tools to step away from the competitive platform and instead collaborate.  Satellite and Cable providers are no longer competitors, they’re both battling to stay alive against online streaming companies.


Looks like Skype and Comcast have partnered together and we can count on video calling coming to a TV near you.  This is exciting news as we’re finally seeing companies from different industries come together and provide value-add services.  We need more partnerships like this to keep paying customers happy.  Especially as more cost-effective ways to watch tv and use internet are introduced, this will only help justify spending money on luxury services like Comcast.

There are  few must haves if you want to take advantage of the new services:

  • HD Camera – another reason for us to spend money, but its a worthy purchase.  Video calling has been propelled into your living room; virtual holidays sound like a good idea now.
  • Skype-Comcast Services – not sure how much Comcast/Skype will charge, but I’m sure it will be yet another add-on.  Although Comcast may want to think about offering this service for free to help existing customers justify paying a hefty monthly charge for internet/cable services (rather than switching to cheaper online alternatives)
  • Cable Internet – fast internet connections are a must!  You don’t want a slow internet connection to keep you from quality family time.
  • OPTIONAL – HD TV – an optional item, but probably will become a requirement once users adopt the new service.  My guess is quality on HD tvs will look significantly better.  But with the drop in HD tv prices, I’m sure this wont be a problem for most consumers.
  • FUTURE MUST HAVE – Recording Software – Comcast and Skype must figure out a way to allow consumers to record video conversations and store them on their DVR or to the cloud.  But, I know people will want an archive of key video sessions to refer to later.  Its important and is a must have in phase 2.

Definitely some good news for these two companies and will hopefully keep existing customers happy and attract new customers.  Comcast is struggling as of late as competition heightens between satellite and other internet services such as Netflix and Hulu.  See the official Press Release here.

Wow, a few days ago I posted that Google/Facebook were in the run to purchase Skype, but in a stunning twist of fate, Microsoft’s deal with Skype is complete.

This is Microsoft’s first big acquisition since 2008 and its a big one.  Skype has been trying to spread their technology to several different platforms in all segments today’s tech world (gaming, mobile, corporate, etc) and now Microsoft will have its chance to integrate it with all of their products as well.  Aside from the xbox 360 Kinect, I’m not sure what other products will benefit, but we will see.  I still think Facebook would have been the better choice.  Analysts agree that maybe this specific deal between Skype and Microsoft wasn’t the best, but for different reasons than me.  In fact, Whitney Tilson, founder and a managing partner of T2 Partners LLC, who owns Microsoft shares, also includes:

I wish they had not done it.  Initially when I first read about it, I hated the deal. Now, I don’t like it.  Everybody I know uses it and I am glad Microsoft owns it. They just probably paid too much for it.

Others, including Kim Caughey Forrest, senior analyst at Fort Pitt Capital Group, which holds Microsoft shares, said:

They really have to do some explaining as to how this company merited that price and how they’ll return the value to shareholders.

Time will tell, Microsoft could prove to prevail with this acquisition and make the next big killer Kinect and Skype combo OR reach everyone in the world!

Interesting news to come out of today’s business world.  Cannot wait to see what comes next from either of these two corporations.

A few years back I wrote a post about Facebook and if they can win the battle over MySpace.

Here are the highlights of that post written back in 2007:

Provides a legitimate social networking platform

  • MySpace: Yes, but who is part of the network? Probably, friends you met at a party, someone who is in your class, someone you think is cute, or spam.
  • Facebook: Yes, and although the network could be any of the above, it also includes colleagues and business professionals. That’s the difference! The network on Facebook is a lot more professional and older. Obviously, MySpace has its own niche, but will this survive the rapid popularity of Facebook?

Provides an opportunity to show one’s personality

  • MySpace: Yes, all power is in the hands of the creator. This is something MySpace has mastered! And the younger generation loves it! But, does it get old? Well, I know my sister loves MySpace and so do my parents, but what about my generation? Where do we go? FACEBOOK…but can facebook keep my generation for long?
  • Facebook: No, theres not much room for creativity. Of course this is the intention, but is it the right strategy? I know its great for my generation, but will it withstand the generation swings? Can Facebook keep people like me interested?

Web 2.0?

  • MySpace: Although, I’d say that MySpace has some good web 2.0 widgets, its just not up to par. Then again, this might not be their strategy. But, this could put them significantly behind competition if they dont keep up because their users are evolving…and they need to be aware of this.
  • Facebook: Absolutely! I like the whole idea about the Feeds (although some think its a bit invasive). Plus now you can import flickr photos directly to facebook!

Here to stay?

  • MySpace: Yes, but for who? I feel like MySpace is very niche, either you like it or you dont! Can this keep them the top social networking site? Im not too sure
  • Facebook: Face it, we are all on it or at least talking about it. Even the Community Evangelist at LinkedIn, Mario Sundar, has a facebook account. AND even Jeremiah, who asked the question if he really needs it since he already has LinkedIn and his blog, signed up and is adding friends.
The key questions I asked were:
  1. MySpace is a niche platform, but can they survive the popularity of Facebook?  Facebook exploded and MySpace could not do anything about it.  Instead they integrated with fb and remained a niche market.  In the end, this hurt them and they will not be able to recover.
  2. MySpace is interesting and can Facebook keep my generation interested?  At first Facebook seemed to be boring and me along with everyone else I knew (my family, coworkers, and friends) but now it completely switched.  Turns out Facebook is more “cool” and receptive of all generations because of its ease of use and instant mobile capabilities.  Its fast and easy to set up profiles  and keep them updated.  For older generations thats key b/c they may not be as tech savy as younger generations.  For younger generations its key b/c our lives are so fast we need something easy to update!  Facebook has kept me interested and my vote is it will continue to.
  3. Who wins the battle of Web 2.0 integrations?  Facebook is the KING of feeds and won this by far.  But its more of everyone wants to be a part of Facebook, rather than Facebook trying to reach out.  This is what makes the tool so compelling!  Its the fact that any other social media tool is integrated and can update my status on fb.
  4. Are they here to stay?  Facebook yes and MySpace probably not for the mainstream but still for musical artists.  Thats the niche for them.  Facebook has flourished into something bigger than what anyone every expected.  Now if you dont have a Facebook, we look at you like “whats wrong with you.”  Just like anyone who plays music on the go needs to have an iPod, anyone who cares about their “social” status, needs a Facebook.
There we have it, looks like the battle is over and has been over for quite some time.  Good job on Facebook’s part with taking a small idea and making it big.  Facebook is even considering buying Skype now.  The sky is the limit for them.
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